Programmed Drums by Guy Gyngell (MIDI Files)

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An Insight into Professionally Programmed Drums (MIDI Files)

  • 3 MIDI Files of Full Drum Tracks
  • Can Be Used in any drum VST/DAW
  • 3 Additional 4 Bar MIDI Files
  • Detailed, Full Length Drum Parts
  • Notes and Pointers
  • Introduction Video
  • Building a Beat Video


There’s nothing better than a great drummer, playing a great kit, in a treated live room, through great mics and preamps, being recorded by an experienced engineer. But with most producers and engineers working from home studios, on projects with limited budgets, this often isn’t a viable option.

Would you like to see how realistic sounding drums, for master recordings are programmed?

Whether you’re a professional producer, or an aspiring engineer, if you’re looking to improve your programming, this could be the perfect insight for you.

In my ‘MIDI Files’ pack, you’ll receive three MIDI files; each containing a full drum part that I’ve programmed, plus three additional four bar MIDI files, for you to develop. There are also notes, and introduction and ‘building a beat’ videos.

If you use Logic Pro X, you’ll want to download my ‘Logic Pro X Projects’ pack.

I’m so excited to launch these packs, and look forward to hearing from you, your work, and seeing your posts – be sure to tag me on Instagram – @guygyngell

Good luck!

1 review for Programmed Drums by Guy Gyngell (MIDI Files)

  1. James

    So so good! Love the videos too!

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